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There's a better way to experience the office.

Break free from restrictive grids and traditional linear planning with Edison, unlocking the ability to lay out an office like never before. This power, voice, and data rail can be rearranged by anyone, to any angle from zero-to-ninety degrees, through pivoting the mid-leg between each rail segment. This modularity allows teams to continually flex their workstations to fit changing needs without disruption and without facilities.


The Edison Rail is a better way to experience the office. 

Edison can be rearranged by anyone, at any angle. Its revolutionary design pivots the mid-leg between each rail segment without disrupting its full power and data capacity. This flexibility allows for complete design freedom, even as space or number of workstations change.  

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An office that puts the individual and team first.

With only a 15 degree bend, the new linear layout opens user sightlines and offers a workstation with a greater feeling of comfort.

  • No more cubicles
  • Improved sightlines
  • More elbow space

Breathing room shouldn't be an afterthought.

New perpendicular configurations break from a restrictive grid to offer generous space, enhanced user sightlines, and enclosed pockets for group collaboration. This is how productive teams work best.

  • Improved sightlines
  • Pockets for collaboration
  • Generous space for the user

Freedom to plan for unique teams & environments.

Edison carves space differently adapting to people, buildings, and organizational culture. Freedom planning opens the possibilities for unique space plans without the risk of being locked into an inflexible system.


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