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Creativity is Rarely Linear; The Office Doesn’t Have to Be Either

We get it. How we work has fundamentally changed, creating an even greater need for flexibility in office environments. Edison is Watson's adaptable office furniture collection for designers who want complete freedom to lay out an office like never before. Instead of getting locked in with static layouts, Edison gives you unlimited ways to design a floor plan that can adapt, evolve, and change down the line.

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Adaptability at Your Fingertips

This collection is defined by both its revolutionary rail system that angles from zero to ninety degrees without disrupting power and data, and its cleverly-engineered workbench. It uniquely creates comfortable workstations and engaging team environments, from open spaces with enhanced user sightlines to enclosed pockets for collaboration, that can evolve with whatever the future has in store.


Level Up the Workstation

The Edison Rail and Edison Workbench have the same system height, ensuring their shared accessories like screens, planter boxes, and the Neighborhood Light look cohesive throughout the floorplan. How else do clever accessories level up a space?

  • Edison Rail's team tables and Riser Desk create alternative spaces for groups and individuals to work, gather, and connect
  • Balance privacy needs while including opportunities for individuals to personalize their space with screens and screen tools


One Collection, Endless Possibilities

Breaking free from restrictive grids and traditional linear planning, the modularity of the collection makes it easy to configure, install, and rearrange with flexible layouts to meet changing office needs.

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