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There's a better way to experience the office.

Edison is the premier power, voice, and data rail system that bends, unlocking endless layout potential. This collection of products engages users by improving sightlines and making their workstations feel more spacious, without having to sacrifice density or privacy. Easily add and angle rail segments to work with the flow of an environment, then further customize your design with a unique selection of rail-mounted work surfaces and accessories.


How does it work?

Edison can be rearranged by anyone to any angle without disrupting power or data. Wiring passes through the patent pending pivot point between each rail segment without being crushed as the angle changes. This flexibility allows for complete design freedom, and for easy reconfiguration in the future.

See How Edison Works

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Breathing Room Matters  

How does the way we experience our workplace change by bending the rail? With only a 15-degree shift, Edison opens user sightlines and creates a more comfortable workstation.

  • Personal space is preserved even as density needs change.
  • Improved sightlines engage users and incite collaboration.
  • More elbow room energizes individuals and makes them feel at ease by maintaining their sense of privacy.

Enhance Team Productivity

With expanded configuration options, Edison improves the office experience at the individual and team level.

  • Rail-mounted team surfaces spark group activity.
  • Balance privacy needs by including Edison accessories like screens, dividers, and planters.
  • Give team members easy places to collaborate - close to their workstations.

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