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Training Spaces and Learning Environments

Engage people and transform spaces into active learning environments by including agile, easy-to-use pieces that are there to support everything from small breakout sessions to large presentations and lectures. Our pieces help you create a dynamic space that supports teaching, learning, and community gathering.

Miro Flip Table

Intuitively designed, the Miro Flip includes a proprietary mechanism that takes the work out of folding and unfolding tables. Not to mention numerous power options, a clip-on cable channel, and a smart selection of shapes, sizes, and styles. When not in use, the tables nest neatly together ready for whenever they're needed next.

Seven Flip Table

Seven Flip Tables can be flipped upright and neatly stored out of sight, perfect for turning meeting rooms into training rooms and cafeterias into classrooms. There’s no shortage of plug-ins either, which means everyone can stay focused and powered up, regardless of what the day brings.

Zo Storage

The floorplan of today requires flexibility. Zo’s expansive collection offers the freedom of options. From private offices to safe storage spaces for teams that rotate in and out, Zo unifies the appearance of storage elements throughout the floorplan and allows for multiple styles of work to support any office environment.

Miro Storage

Celebrating craft, Miro Storage stashes away clutter with class. From credenzas to overhead, to display towers, the surprisingly spacious interiors can be loaded with bags, books, coats, and gear, adding office organization that’s both functional and beautiful.

Etch Markerboard

From brainstorming sessions to major presentations, Etch's mobile work board makes sure ideas flow wherever they take place. The clean, frameless design never distracts from the topic at hand.

Bahn Storage 

With Bahn Storage, your gear is out of sight but never out of mind. Store everything from coats and bags to bike helmets and luggage, while providing space for open floor plans. Utilize the Bahn Recycle Center in your training space to make cleaning up after large breakout sessions a breeze. 

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