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Liberty Bank prioritizes employee wellness with height-adjustable desks and beautiful products

Liberty Bank, located near Watson’s headquarters in Poulsbo, Washington, took on a significant upgrade to its headquarters in July 2022 when it moved from its previous space and needed a full renovation of its new office suite. The new building was designed by ADM Architecture to enhance both the functionality and comfort of the bank's operations.

The bank worked closely with RBA Design for the interior layout and partnered with Watson for its office furnishings. Watson has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Liberty Bank and was able to collaborate closely with them to ensure that the bank's needs for adaptable and durable furniture were fully met. A primary requirement was to provide height-adjustable desks for all employees, including frontline staff, to promote a healthier work environment.

Remodeled office suite features Watson Furniture across all workspaces, planning for future growth

The new layout includes furniture from Zo, Seven, C9, and Tia (not pictured) across private offices, open spaces, cubicles, boardrooms, and conference rooms—all designed to facilitate both current operations and future growth.

Throughout the project, Watson worked closely with RBA Design to realize the client’s vision. Rhonda Morris, the company’s senior vice president and chief risk officer, appreciated working with a local manufacturer who could respond swiftly to their needs and deliver a timely installation.

“Going over to Watson’s showroom in Seattle was helpful, too,” Morris added. “Because just seeing a picture doesn’t work for me. I needed to see the desks in-person – sit at them, see how they operate, and check out finish options.”

A year and a half later, Morris reports that Watson’s height-adjustable desks have been particularly beneficial, providing employees with the option to stand during the day, which helps support their overall well-being.

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“We love what Watson Furniture stands for and bottom line, we love the flexibility of the furniture we chose.”

Rhonda Morris, Senior VP & Chief Risk Officer for Liberty Bank
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