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Privacy Screens for the Flexible & Open Office Design

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Open office spaces have gone from being all the rage to a hotly debated topic, as more and more attention is paid to their lack of privacy. Our designers at Watson Furniture have worked to alleviate the negative aspects of open offices while preserving the benefits.

Our office privacy screens can be mixed and matched as needed to help curate the office layout best suited for the needs of your company, while adding personality and flair.

Purpose of Privacy Screens in the Office

An effective open office design must be flexible enough to grow from start-up to a large scale business with the appropriate furniture and accessories. Many privacy screen options serve dual purposes and can solve for such demands, without detracting from modern aesthetics and the open office concept. With these privacy and modesty panel options, it is easy to offer an adjustable division between spaces while adding functionality to any workspace.


How to Add Privacy Options in the Modern Office

Watson provides a variety of screen options to add privacy and function to individual workstations. Designed to be compatible with any freestanding desk, choose from Jot boards, Tak screens, Pin Privacy screens, and Seiri privacy screens to create space division and enhance architectural detail. Each screen has uniquely styled corners and design details to complement your workspace design.

iPrivScreens-016_All silouettes

Pin Privacy Screen

Having a privacy screen that fits with most desk design is paramount in a flexible office design. Part of Watson’s ‘universal’ privacy screen options is the Pin Privacy Screen. Tackable and connected with the worksurface, this desk screen creates easy division and a seamless look when combined with Bahn Spine Screens in open office configurations.

Tak Screen

Add a pop of color and texture to your workstation with the universal Tak Privacy Screen. With an edge to edge tackable surface that attaches to most desk surfaces, this screen provides a collaboration space while creating separation in an open office.

Jot Board

Brainstorm with style and ease with the Jot Privacy Screen. With it’s markerboard finish and universal desk set up, users can capture notes, ideas, drawings, and messages to manage their busy work schedules.

Sieri Privacy Screen

With precise geometry and an adjustable utility tray the Sieri Privacy Screen combines function and privacy to create a powerhouse screen option.

Pin Mobile Screen

Watson’s Pin Mobile Screen provides privacy and space division on demand. This sleek and simple design has durable mobility with its locking caster wheels and can fit a variety of needs with five size options. Watson understands the value of workspace division for both collaborative and individual tasks.

Work Islands


Providing storage as well as space division, the Bahn Work Island is a collaborative station that helps provide privacy in an open office.

Modular by nature, our Bahn furniture collection can provide collaboration space as well as private areas that will seamlessly fit into open office designs. Whether you require smart storage, a privacy screen, or an easy recycling area that doubles as a space divider, Bahn has you covered!

Configurable Rail Systems

Freestanding rail systems, such as Watson’s Bahn Rail, bring power, voice, and data to workstations with endless configurations.

This rail offers easily moveable privacy, no matter the floor plan, that can also help reduce visual clutter. With two height options, cable storage and management options, different surface finishes, and add on privacy screens for extra space division, the Bahn Rail is the answer to a variety of office space problems.

Edison Privacy Rail

Bending space to people, our newest design at Watson, Edison, has captured the essence of an open office design while offering seemingly endless customizable options for a workstation, like planters, privacy screens, portrait/landscape screens, markerboards, work shelves, tables, and personal organization.

C9 privacy rail

Edison’s unique rail and desk system allows for a variety of layout designs to maximize privacy and functionality. With the ability to easily attach planter boxes, the Edison rail can be used as the foundation for a green workspace. Increased productivity, overall office feel, and cleaner air are just some of the advantages this manageable addition has to offer. With the right plants, Edison planter boxes can bring new life to any office.

The Edison design is not the first time we have offered options for plant additions. Our Bahn Recycle Center features an optional back panel that can be customized with magnetic marker boards, upholstery, metal, or powder-coated planters!

Watson At Work

Watson Furniture designs with consumers in mind, always in search of answering the problems that arise in office spaces. By outfitting a workspace with proper privacy screens and perfectly selected furniture, unproductive office spaces can be transformed into a workers’ haven!

Download Revit models and start bending your office space to meet your team’s needs now.

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